Welcome to Enmei Dojo

Martial arts are a great form of exercise, improving the mind, body and spirit.  They can be used effectively for self defence, stress reduction, weight loss, improving strength, flexibility, and stamina, and increasing awareness.  Various arts are suitable for anybody from six to sixty, though we currently do not have a children’s class.  The bottom line, however, is that it is fun to do.  Sometimes it is an effort to go to class, but you will feel better afterwards.

Oddly, yoga fits quite well with martial arts.  Sure, it is not Japanese, but neither is kali.  It does involve stretching and improvement of your body, just like martial arts do.  The word “yoga”, in fact, means something similar to the “ai” of “aikido”.

Start today, and bring a friend to make the initial learning process more comfortable.  You don’t need any experience, and the Saturday morning beginner’s class provides an easy introduction to aikido.

Located in Titusville, Enmei Dojo has classes in aikido, yoga, and kali.  We have tried teaching judo and taekwondo, but there has not been sufficient support to continue these. We do plan to have formal classes in kicking and punching, perhaps kempo or karate, at some time in the future. For now we include these in other classes as needed.

We have a very nice facility with a 900 sq ft gymnastics mat and a traditional setting.  We have time available for other activities also.  We would be interested in hosting any compatible activity, particularly tai chi.  If you are interested in teaching such classes at Enmei, please contact Dr Drysdale.

Enmei Dojo is North Brevard’s premier place to study the Japanese martial art of aikido.  Under the leadership of Dr. Alan Drysdale, godan, and a dedicated team of instructors we strive to perfect our technique, to uphold the traditions of bushido, and to practice a sense of comaraderie amongst all of our students.  Visitors are welcome to stop by and watch, or if you prefer, to get out on the mat and try it out – the gymnastics mat makes for safe ukemi and the first three visits are free for new aikidoka.  If you are a visiting Aikidoka outside of our affiliates, a $10 mat fee is requested.

We hope to see you at any of our many practice times.  However, we do have a beginners class and that is an easier introduction for new students.

For aikido morning classes please call Mr Gould, 636-8624.

We also have classes in kali, taught by Mr Jon Hurley, who has a background in kali and taekwondo.  He has been a law enforcement officer but is currently a civilian.  Kali classes are on Wednesday evenings.  For information please call Mr Hurley, 385-7393 or email him at titusvilletkd@gmail.com.

Current practice times for the dojo are listed below.  If you are new, please call 269-2394 or email to confirm that the times have not changed.

  • Monday *11:30 am – 12:30 pm aikido
  • Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30 pm general aikido
  • Wednesday
    • *11:30 am – 12:30 pm aikido
    • 7 – 8 pm yoga
  • Thursday 6:30 – 8:30 pm general aikido
  • Friday *11:30 am – 12:30 pm aikido
  • Saturday
    • 9 – 10 am karate
    • 10 – 11 am adult beginning aikido
    • 11 – 12 general aikido
    • 12 – 1 pm kali

*Times for weekday morning classes may vary.  Please call 636-8624 to confirm times.


Although this style of aikido is non-aggressive and does not involve sparring, there is, as with any physical activity, a small risk of serious injury or perhaps even death. (We have not had any serious injuries at Enmei and work to keep it that way.)

It is the responsibility of prospective students to discuss participation in martial arts with their physician, and to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions when they sign up for class.

You must sign a waiver to get on the mat. Waivers for people under 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian.