Monthly Archives: October 2017

Open house

Some of the other businesses in the complex were having an open house, so I went down and opened up the dojo too.  Izaya and Jenna came as well, and Sid hung out a bit.  I gave the mayor a tour of the facility.  We handed out some flyers and business cards, and Izaya impressed some folks by doing ukemi on the concrete.  Impressed me too – haven’t done that in decades.  We practiced 13 and 31 point jo kata in the parking lot, and Izaya got pretty good at the 13 point one.  He and Jenna danced a bit, getting more attention for the dojo.  Overall, we got a lot of attention.  Hopefully it will result in a new student or two.


Jenna and Izaya both passed their tests (gokyu and yonkyu) on Tuesday, and both did really well.  So congratulations to both of them.

Testing is important as it is demonstrating that you can do aikido under pressure, which as it is a self defense art is important.